There is a need to train home grown talent to work in the local CRM field. We need trained archaeologists who can initially work at the technician level (field crew, laboratory crew, etc.). As you know the costs of higher education have increased significantly in the last few years which often serves as a deterrent to local students who might be thinking of entering the archaeological profession.  The scholarship fund is run through the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Foundation, the endowment assists local students for the foreseeable future. Although run through the CSN Foundation, ANS awards funding to local students who have declared as anthropology/archaeology majors at the 2-year, 4-year, or university levels. The first awards were made in the Fall 2009 semester. The idea behind the scholarship fund is to provide assistance to worthy students with either some class tuition costs or the costs of books. 

To date, a total of $10,000+ dollars have been contributed to this nascent fund. We are looking to establish an endowment that hopefully will receive contributions on a yearly basis from local amateurs, CRM firms, and other interested entities to help ensure the health of the archaeological community in Southern Nevada. ArchaeoNevada is a 501(C)3 approved non-profit organization, so all contributions to the scholarship fund are tax deductible.

To apply for the scholarship, follow this link:; click on the "CSN Scholarship Web Portal" on the right hand side of the page.  For information on how you can contribute, contact ANS president Dr. Leilani Lucas by email @