History of the archaeo-nevada society

The Oldest Archaeological Society in Nevada


The Archaeo-Nevada Society (ANS) was incorporated in the State of Nevada as a nonprofit organization in 1966. We are a local group of individuals interested in various aspects of archaeology such as history, prehistory and historic preservation.  The purpose of the society is to preserve Nevada's antiquities, encourage the study of archaeology, and to educate the public on the aims of archaeological research. 

Membership is made up primarily of those who participate in archaeological activities for personal enjoyment and students from CSN and UNLV. Membership provides the opportunity to share interests with other like-minded persons.  ANS officers and members also write letters and attend meetings related to the protection of cultural resources in southern Nevada.  Archaeo-Nevada is an affiliate of the Nevada Archaeological Association and the Society for American Archaeology.  The Archaeo-Nevada Society is committed to attracting and maintaining a diverse membership that is reflective of our community and state. We strive for an organization that includes all the members of our community without regard to race, religion, color or national origin. Having a diverse membership allows us to benefit from the variety of perspectives and strengths of the world around us.

ANS has established a scholarship fund to benefit CSN students who are declared Anthropology majors.

ANS maintains close ties with many local archaeologists and is regularly contacted by professionals who need assistance from the public to carry out archaeological projects.  Some of the activities in which ANS members have participated are:

  • Preparing artifacts for museum curation
  • Planning local conferences
  • Recording archaeological sites
  • Monitoring archaeological sites for damage/vandalism
  • Debris clean up at sites
  • Removing graffiti from petroglyph sites
  • Photographing rock art
  • Visiting museums
  • Taking field trips
  • Adopt-a-Highway

Meetings are held monthly at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month from September through May @ Springs Preserve, 333 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Archaeo-Nevada Society is an affiliate of the Nevada Archaeological Association.  http://www.nvarch.org